We are honored to support these talented artists:

Susan Nethercote

Susan Nethercote -Stress-Relieving Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles - Lemonade Pursuits - Puzzle Meditation
In her own words, "My abstract floral and botanical work seeks to capture and communicate the dynamism and magic of nature through fluid, expressionistic and colourful interpretations of nature’s treasures.  To me colour is medicine and flowers are a universal language of the soul.
I am endlessly fascinated by how art is able to access the parts of ourselves for which we have no words. Painting is, for me, taking a walk with the soul of nature.
I paint primarily in acrylics and mixed media. Our beautiful and ever-changing garden is my constant inspiration and nothing gives me greater joy that working out on the veranda on a fine day while my girls play in the garden.
Working from my home studio in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, I predominantly sell my work privately and by commission. My paintings are held in private collections in Australia, US, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium and UK."   

Rachelle Kearns

 Rachelle Kearns - Seattle Artists - Stress-Relieving Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles - Lemonade Pursuits - Puzzle Meditation
Stimulated by study of abstract and lyrical expressionist art, Rachelle explores compositional drama with an emphasis on repetition and process in a graceful and convincing manner. Her work is meditative, soothing and reflects beauty. Her paintings present a moment that resides somewhere between the real and the artificial – like the illusion of wind and light seen through closed eyelids. Her work displays an unerring sensitivity to line, color and form. Using acrylic paint as her medium, she redefines water, land or wind as deep, luminous bands of blended color. Points of light become overlapped and repeated layers, dancing intoxicatingly over the surface. Rachelle continually achieves an authentic visual poetry that is aesthetic, tender and organically generated from her study and feelings of the world around her. She sees her works as giving voice to the easily overlooked, unseen, or missed moments of truth and beauty all around us – each work expressing a kind of ‘faith’ in her own invisible realities.

Meenal Patel

Meenal Patel - Artist & Illustrator

Meenal Patel is an artist, illustrator, and children's book author who hopes to bring joy, connection, and a sense of belonging to people through her colorful art.

She is inspired by moments of childhood wonder, strong women, textures in nature, and her Indian-American heritage. She believes that all people should have the opportunity to see themselves reflected in art, and that it’s critical for people to see experiences that are different from their own to build understanding, empathy, and a wider worldview.

She loves reading to her nieces, collecting plant inspiration, baking birthday cakes, and hiking in the beautiful outdoor spaces of California. She grew up in Minnesota and currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and sweet dog. Learn more at meenalpatelstudio.com.

Juliana Lupaccino


Juliana Lupaccino

Juliana is a native of Savannah, Georgia. She experienced much of her childhood in the downtown historic Savannah district. She eventually graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017, with a degree in fibers. During her time at SCAD, she explored both pattern development and material exploration through large scale installation work. Throughout her life, she has always been passionate about color, and how it could be explored through methods such as pattern, installation fine art, and now, finger painting. Her unique method of finger painting is both childlike, and expressive. She believes that there lies a sense of freedom when you leave the brush behind. Juliana finds that finger painting brings about unique shapes and texture that a brush would not lend itself to. Whatever she is creating, it is important that the audience gains a feeling of joy when viewing Juliana’s work. Joy is a key element throughout all of her work. She expresses that through color, shape, and scale. Juliana currently works on large scale paintings and murals. Her paintings are colorful, abstract, organic, and adventurous. 

Saara Soderlund

I’m Saara Söderlund – a freelance illustrator and a friend of birds from Finland. I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life, but despite this I had no idea it would someday become my career. I went to an art school to study graphic design and kind of forgot about painting for years while I worked as a freelance graphic designer mostly in book publishing field. At some point I started missing painting so I picked it up again and it brought me so much joy I haven’t stopped since –  it was clear that it was the path I wanted to follow. I paint my illustrations mainly with gouache, sometimes mixing colored pencil or digital tools into the process. My paintings are rich in detail and often focus on my love of nature and themes of cherishing the nature around us. I also find inspiration from the everyday and very ordinary moments that seem insignificant but are somehow unintentionally precious. My illustrations can be seen for example in books, magazines and paper products.

Christa Rijneveld

Christa Rijneveld - Stress-Relieving Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles - Lemonade Pursuits - Puzzle Meditation
I grew up on a Dutch dairy farm drawing at the kitchen table. From early on, I loved spending most of my time creating new realities. At the age of eighteen I applied to art school, and didn't get in. Young as I was, I felt defeated and gave up on the idea of becoming an artist. I wouldn't touch any art supplies for years after that. In 2015 I decided to leave Europe behind and move to a small town in British Columbia, Canada. The hustle and bustle was replaced by the beauty and stillness of the scenery. The Rocky Mountains became a source of unlimited inspiration.
Not long after the move I started drawing again. Only after I started I realized how much I had missed it. Doodling was something I could do to get out of my own head. A meditative hobby soon turned into something I wanted to do all the time.
I never considered myself to be creatively gifted, but I’m meticulous and patient, so I work with that. I trust that discipline can be just as an important tool as talent, and over time, with consisted work, I’ll acquire the skills to get better and better at what I do. For me, creating art is as much about the process as the end result. I try not to plan too much. The lines ‘happen’ as I move over the canvas or paper. This free flowing makes me feel in the moment. I don’t know what a piece will look like when it’s done, and that excites me.

Andrea Caballero

Andrea Caballero - Seattle Artists - Stress-Relieving Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles - Lemonade Pursuits - Puzzle Meditation
Born and raised in Mexico City, Andrea went to New York City to train as a dancer. She later completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors in illustration at the School of Visual Arts. Her colorful illustrations are inspired by her culture, childhood memories, nature, travel and community. Her aesthetic in drawing is primarily based on lines, movement and elegance, inspired and influenced by dance. 
She has had her work presented at Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, at the Drawing Exhibition in the Fine Arts Department at the School of Visual Arts. She had works exhibited in different galleries  in New York City, also including the American Museum of Illustration at the Society of Illustrators for several times; her work “English Tea” in the 2017 Student Competition, her work "Mercado de Flores” at the "Illustrators60" exhibition in 2018, and her latest work "Celebrando la Vida" (Gold Medal Winner) in “Illustrators61” exhibition in 2019. 
Some features and editorial work include Marie Pierre Cole’s book “Guadalupe: Body and Soul”, Society of Illustrators’ 60th Annual of Illustration, The World of Interiors, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Flow Magazine, Like the Wind Magazine, The Guardian, Récord Newspaper, Restless Books, BallpitMag, FORTH Magazine, Women Who Draw, Solar One, and book covers.